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Spreading joy since 2005...

A majorette is a person doing choreographed dance or movement, primarily baton twirling associated with marching bands during parades.

Majorette performances are very attractive because they are performed by young, good-looking girls in imaginative costumes and accompanied by nice modern or folkore music.

Their rich repertoire includes dancing with batons, pompoms or other props like umberllas. Performance happens on a stage or as part of a town parade.

The Majorettes of Brno group is split into several subgroups by age with total of 80 girls.
  • LASSIES were founded in 2005 - and are further divided into LADY, MINI and BABY group.
  • MUNI (majorettes of Masaryk University Brno) were founded in 2007 and comprise future teachers, lawyers and doctors.

Since 2010, the group has been part of the Czech Majorettes Association - NBTA, member of NBTA Europe and of the Czech Musicians Group.

In the years of their existence, majorettes performed at many occasions and participated in many interesting events in Brno and its surroundings but also i other places in the Czech Republic and abroad.
The group was founded by Mgr. Veronika Váská (Kopřivnice) who acts as the main coach and manager. Her assistants are Martina Kouřilová (Rosice), Denisa Chytilová (Třebíč), Nikoletta Kovacsová (Šala - SR), Lea Roganská (Nitra - SR), Barbora Homolová (Brno) - TRAINERS

Majorettes offer to perform at your cultural or sport event, celebration, festival or dancing ball.

Based on your needs, we can arrive at small or bigger number of majorettes.

We dance with our own recorded music – both traditional and modern, but it is also possible to arrange dancing with a wind orchestra.

If you are interested in having our majorettes attend your cultural event, please don’t hesitate and contact us.

We will be glad to adapt music and costumes to your needs.

  • bed & breakfast (details can be discussed)
  • stage or delimited place with flat surface
  • sound system
  • dressing room
  • financial reward is not required but welcome

History of performances:

"It is not important to win but to take part!"

"We are girls - majorettes - baton is our toy,
if we don´t win - never mind, we dance for joy!"

In the years of their existence, majorettes performed at many occasions and participated in many interesting events in the Czech Republic. This includes city carnivals, music festivals, motoshows, sports events, or birthday parties.

Majorettes also succeeded in several competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad organized by international majorettes associations like NBTA, MAC, IMA or IMC.

"I saw many groups of majorettes but your girls are beautiful and have wonderful cotumes. I want to thank you for the performance, it was unforgettable experience." -- Petra Kučerková, Brno

"I invited the Brno Majorettes to the anniversary party of my company. I was very pleased with the show, imaginative costumes, catchy music and charming girls. They were also very flexible in adapting to my needs. I would highly recommend the group to anyone organizing a cultural or sport event." -- Jeff Smith, North Carolina

  • 2nd - NBTA South Moravia 2015
  • 3rd - NBTA South Moravia 2015
  • 2nd - IFMS Moravia 2015
  • 3rd - IFMS Moravia 2015
  • 1st - IFMS South Moravia 2015
  • 2nd - IFMS South Moravia 2015
  • 3rd - IFMS South Moravia 2015
  • 1st - MIA semifinal 2015
  • 2nd - MIA semifinal 2015
  • 1st - MTF Brno 2015
  • 1st -  O brněnskou dračici 2015
  • 2nd - O brněnskou dračici 2015
  • 2nd - Ždánický motýl 2015
  • 3rd - Ždánický motýl 2015
  • 1st -  O bíloveckou kočku 2014
  • 2nd - O bíloveckou kočku 2014
  • 2nd - O májovou korunku 2014
  • 2nd - Všetůlská hůlka 2014
  • 3rd - Všetůlská hůlka 2014
  • 1st -  O brněnskou dračici 2014
  • 3rd - O brněnskou dračici 2014
  • 2nd - Líšeňský pohár 2014
  • 3rd - Líšeňský pohár 2014
  • 1st - IMC Dubňany 2013
  • 2nd - IMC Dubňany 2013
  • 3rd - IMC Dubňany 2013
  • 1st -  O skleněnou hůlku 2013
  • 2nd - O skleněnou hůlku 2013
  • 3rd - O litovelský pohárek 2013
  • 1st - MAC South Moravia 2013
  • 2nd - MAC South Moravia 2013
  • 3rd - MAC South Moravia 2013
  • 1st - SAM 2012
  • 3rd - SAM 2012
  • 2nd - Sobotište 2011
  • 3rd - Sobotište 2011
  • 1st - STAR CUP 2010
  • 3rd - STAR CUP 2010
  • ...